Monday, December 15, 2008

No Child Left Behind ~ "W"

Why would any responsible mother choose to travel for 22 hours in active labor rather than check into a world-class medical facility in Houston?

Because the military slashed up her child...

This message is endorsed by Governess Sarah Palin

Sarah Fahrenheit 451 Palin, poster bitch for Banned Books Week
Sarah Palin Wolf Hunter

Sunday, December 14, 2008

What would Jesus do for a million bucks?

Jesus! "What would Jesus do for a million bucks?", not "What would you do with a million?”
That's why Jesus said it's harder for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for me to kick the habit, ie. cocaine...

Annie Lobert and Heather Veitch are Hookers for Jesus.

First Lady of Heavy Metal Combat, Wombat Palin and the Hooded Fangs

Sarah Palin is just a plain whore.

Sarah Palin’s background: “Jesus was a community organizer; Pontius Pilate was a governor.” (You missed her nose...)

You boy’s wanna watch dear Mommy Sarah fuck a big ole black cock and let it cum up in this horny twat?

"I will fuck a big black dick bareback and coax it to jizz all up in my pink twat!" says Palin, "I want my boy’s to get down there and suck Mommy’s freshly fucked cunt and suck all that NIG*#@ Jizz all out!!!!!!! Mommy loves to N!#*ER fuck!!!!! No LIMITS EVER!!!" quoth Palin. RoseBush...

Fun With Sarah ~ Sarah Palin nude photo in her late 50's ...

Big ass Palin, "I wanna lay some pipe..."

O! It's Citizen McCain!

Shut the fuck up republican twat. It's a Bush fuck coverup...


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sarah Palin, Stop Being a Cunt ~ Women Who Hunt Wolves

Sarah Palin is a fucking ball breaking bitch who deserves to be brought down like the rabid wolf she is.  Women who fuck with the wolves shouldn't throw stones...

She's a bitch in sheep's clothing. This is the cunt that will order the next stealth bomber attack on the middle east. Good luck Obama on taming this witch!

Let Us Compare Cunts ~ Just like this black bitch in white clothes... Palin pales to Condoleeza

From: Brasscheck TV Are you sitting down? According to a recent poll, two-thirds of Republicans said Sarah Palin would be their choice for president in 2012. According to a veteran Republican pollster there is now a "Sarah Palin wing" of the party which he describes as "grassroots, anti-intellectual, small town, and culturally conservative." Not to mention is Palin's dedication to an aggressive form of "christianity" her spiritual leaders call "spiritual warfare." Here's where this gets ominous.  Remember when Sarah Palin had an African preacher - a self-described witchcraft fighter - lay hands on her in her church in Alaska? Today's video shows you what's behind her twat. The biggest evangelistic "christian" church in Nigger-ia has declared that many children are in fact witches from slut faced bitches like Palin. Insane? Yes, but this pronouncement has resulted in thousands of children being beaten, tortured, rejected by their families and villages, and and even murdered. What is the connection between this whacko Christian cult, the African pastor who fights witches and visited Alaska to bless Palin, and Palin's dedication to spiritual warfare? I don't know, but it merits research. Freedom of religion, sure. But freedom FROM religion too. The Founding Fathers were equally interested in both. It shows us even this bitch can sink t the least common demonihater. Don't fuck Palin, she'll rip your balls off! And that's how we grow fearful. All I have now is the shortest clip on this, but it's a start.
Voodoo Scumdogs Demonize Children
P.S. Thanks. 

Three Cunts ~ Lest we forget the three disGraces of American politics are Hilary (the clit) Clinton, Cunta Leeza Rice and Sarajevo Palladin, wolf hunter and political punta. The question is whether they lick the balls of men or castrate them? Only praying mantis's know the answer to that holy question. With Anne Coulter as their fairy godmother, the unholy trio would not be complete without the putta of a Clinton... according to Dick Cavern

Here-in Lies Our Differences in Culture

Ekemini Abia is 13. Her father tied her to a tree by her ankles and left her there. She was found, half-starved, over a week later.

Political Voodoo for Rich Bitches ~ How Xena wolf slaughterer can become president of the new MacCarthy era.
It looks like Sarah Palin is desperate enough to re-inject Reverend Wright into presidential politics. But I say let she who is without a crazy preacher cast the first stone. I refer to Pastor Thomas Muthee, the Kenyan witch-hunting minister who anointed Palin against witchcraft and lead the harassment of a Kenyan woman chasing her from her village, thus supposedly freeing the town from evil magic in the name of Jesus. At first it seems like a joking matter (Does Sarah weigh as much as duck?). But African Evangelical preachers leading witch-hunts is no joking matter. It's dead serious. See this December 2007 Observer photo essay on Nigerian child "witches":
Nigerian Child Witches

Twin boys Itohowo and Kufre stand surrounded by angry villagers who believe they are bringing evil to their lives
Voodoo Slutdolls Demonize Children
Some of the 133 children who have sought refuge at the Child Rights and Rehabilitation Network, run by Sam Ikpe-Itauma and helped by the charity Stepping Stones (

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

W ~ Castrated Texas molester accused of having porn

The Movie ~ "W" ~ Like dish shit's all gone Jewish, like the hitman from Israel who planted the Anthrax...

Martin Scorcese needs to be castrated for making a movie like “W” about George Bush. Maybe dubblya stands for Watergate, and maybe this movie is in secret code so as not to alert the Illuminazis. For Stone to wimp out so heavily on the gay side, it had to have been made under fear of castration. “W” is about all the dubbyas, WWI, WWII & now WWIII. Doesn’t anyone out there have the balls to stand up and tell the truth? Somebody out there knows something... I wouldn’t even grace this cheap piece of celluloid with the price of a ticket, how could Hollywood stand for such tripe? Maybe we’ll find Stone dead the Hemingway, from suicide with a bullet to his brain, if he even has one. Can this even be more hilarious than Stone's "JFK" which was a good case in point. As preposterous and absurd as its story was — simply put, that all of the conspiracy theories about the Kennedy assassination are correct — he served up satisfying dish. In 1991, it received eight Oscar nominations, including best picture and director.? Sorry jewish prince, it never happened...

The problem seems to be, as the Hollywood Reporter put it, "Stone goes out of his way to give Bush a fair hearing." Adds the L.A. Times, "Those yearning for a red meat entree, a kind of 'Natural Born Killers' meets 'JFK,' will be disappointed."

Stone caused pandemonium when he examined the assassination of President John Kennedy in 1991's "JFK" and the Watergate-stained presidency of Richard Nixon in 1995's "Nixon." Tough-talking Vice President Dick Cheney has all but disappeared from the national scene, and Bush himself has similarly retreated after two tumultuous terms, stamped by the terrorist attacks of 9/11, the American-led invasion of Iraq and the economic meltdown. The movie debuts at an opportune time to measure the president's relevance. Bush's approval ratings have sunk to near-historic lows. His somber proclamations on the financial meltdown and foreign policy issues have been largely ignored. Sarah Palin's emergence in the 2008 presidential campaign has all but pushed Bush off prime areas of the front page.

Bad news for members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences: United Artists and MGM have pushed back the release of Tom Cruise's Valkyrie from this fall to early 2009, meaning Oscar voters will now have to wait a full extra year to shower the film's cast, crew, and producers in golden statues. The studios, obviously hoping to capitalize on the romantic appeal of a movie about a one-eyed Nazi who botches an attempt to assassinate Hitler, will now open it on February 13, Valentine's Day weekend, instead of the once-planned October 3, when it likely would have been the odd film out among a bunch of dark, feel-bad movies.

Here is how the story of W (dubbya), shoulda been dubbed...
Sham Schramm...

Many have criticized Schramm for its lack of murders and body count. I found this argument irrelevant as the film main focus is the day to day life of Schramm. We see the obsessions of this killer and how they build up to his actual killings. Schramm is obsessed with masturbation and penis mutilation. He is unable to participate in normal sexual acts so he prefers to satisfy himself after his victims are either dead or drugged. Schramm captures a similar isolationist feel as Martin Scorsese’s Taxi Driver. In both films the protagonist seems even more alone while in the company of others then by themselves. Their obsession with women are also very unsettling as they seem to have no clue on how to function with those of the opposite sex. Their sex comes out in their violence. Every kill is a sexual climax. Both protagonists in the films also have a fear of sexual encounters. This becomes blatantly obvious in Schramm’s delusion of a vagina monster with teeth. He has a schizophrenic form of castration anxiety. In reality, Schramm is figuratively castrated in his inability to use his phallic in a pure way. Whether he is driving a nail through his foreskin or having sex with a blow-up doll, Schramm lacks a real sexual encounter. Like Buttgereit’s other films, Schramm’s musical score perfectly compliments the film. When we see Schramm doing sit-ups, the intensity of the music allows us a peek into his twisted mind. In each dream sequence, beautiful music is played. Buttgereit is obviously not afraid to experiment with several different emotions. Schramm is a film that combines dream sequences, flashbacks, and surrealism to create the ultimate collage of a serial killer’s mind. As the viewer, you are expected to join in the film as being part of the experience. Schramm shows you his world and you just have to watch. Some may have a hard time just doing that. In the end you may even feel enlightened. Before Christopher Nolan ever directed Memento, German auteur Jorg Buttgereit utilized the reverse chronological technique in his masterpiece Schramm. Unlike Memento, Schramm is not a film revered by cliché college film students. Instead, Schramm is a treat for those looking for artistically merited murder, sadomasochism, and sexual deviance. Not many directors are able to treat the subject in a way that Buttgereit has.
Schramm ~ Sequel to Taxi Driver
Schramm the movie

George Galloway Castrated, Cornholed ~ Cinema companies Regal Entertainment and Cinemark have decided not to carry British director Gabriel Range’s Death of a President which shows President George W. Bush assassinated after giving a speech to a business organization.  AMC hasn’t determined whether or not to show the picture yet.  How or how not this may affect your choice of where to see movies is of course up to you.  I report, you deride. Death of a President is the latest in the burgeoning business of leftist wish-fulfillment docudramas, from John Kerry’s congressional testimony through Oliver Stone’s Kennedy movie through Farenheit 9/11 through “The West Wing” through Fitzmas to present, all of which manifest the perverse desire to see America represented as worse than it is, at least insofar as it needs to be lectured to and indoctrinated by enlightened liberals. 

I mean, look at the prick! He holds an Oscar the way he holds his dick when he masturbates. Unfortunately a long time complaint about Stone’s work bears true as the women characters are underwritten and cliché driven. Elizabeth Banks as Laura Bush mostly sits on the sidelines looking pretty offering trite support to her man while Thandie Newton’s snippy take on Condoleezza Rice barely registers in the many boy’s club discussions. I think I have a remedy for both Stone and W; Nicole Kidman: Oscar-Winner, Ball-Snipper, acting not necessarily in a brainless profession. Oftentimes, thespians are required to intensively train and learn new skills for a role--swordfighting, horseback riding, playing the drums, and so forth. Our gossip ringmaster, FemaleFirst, clues us in on Nicole Kidman's new skill: Ball Busting Bitch

Nicole Kidman has been learning how to castrate young bulls. The Hollywood actress - who is to star as a 30s English aristocrat who inherits a cattle station in her new movie, 'Australia' - will be required to be hands-on with the livestock, including neutering young cattle. Nicole, 39, said: "I don't know if I'll actually have to do that, but it's best to be prepared." I think it’s time to castrate the old bulls, who have let us down by making cinematic trite.
Nutclipper Nichole Kidman
Stone, you lose, your balls, that is. You can find them in W’s nutcan.

So, f@*k that noise!

Man who threatened to castrate Bush freed from prison
EAST ST. LOUIS, Ill. (AP) — A mental patient who threatened to castrate President Bush was sentenced to federal prison, but a judge ordered him freed because of time he's already served:

Arafat Nijmeh, 27, formerly of Belleville, who looks a lot like Tom Cruise, was sentenced Tuesday to seven months in prison after pleading guilty to two counts of threatening the president. He was released after U.S. District Judge David Herndon credited him with the eight months he spent in custody after being charged. Nijmeh had been jailed without bail after being declared a flight risk and threat to society. "This would have been an interesting trial," said his attorney, John O'Gara. Nijmeh was accused of threatening to harm Bush in comments March 18 to workers at the Alton Mental Health Center and to two Secret Service agents the following day. The indictment alleged Nijmeh told the agents that his earlier threat to castrate Bush was "not too harsh, considering what he has done to my country." Nijmeh is a Palestinian born in Israel but O'Gara said he is a U.S. citizen. Secret Service agent John Brooks has testified that Nijmeh was placed in the center against his will by his mother, who said Nijmeh threatened to slice his brother's throat, crashed his car into the brother's garage and tried to hit a nephew with his car. Brooks said Nijmeh also told a supervisory nurse at the center he was going to "make her life a living hell" and threatened to kill Jews. Maybe he can do something about Scorcese too.

Robert Jesse Stoller’s psychoanalytical book entitled ”Perversion: The Erotic Form of Hatred” may help to understand the hatred by some on the extreme left towards George W. Bush.  The publishers of Stoller’s book describe the text this way:

The main contention is that in perversion the main clinical factor is hostility. It combines with sexual desire to produce the various forms that perversion can take on. Stoller shows that the perverse scene aims not only at denying castration, but also at securing a more solid basis for a jeopardized sexual identity. Risk, vengeance and trauma are some of the ideas that the author discusses while building up his argument. Could it be liberal hostility toward Bush is grounded in sexual desires for Bush?  Moreover, could their hostility really be a fear of castration or a lack of sexual identity?  Stroller might argue that is the case. The truth is we don’t know why some extreme liberals are so hateful.  Whereas most people will disagree philosophically and intelligently, some liberals cross the line into violence with their words.  That doesn’t say much for liberals or liberalism. 

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Towers Open Fire ~ Kill Bush!!!

The one chap there who doesn’t play games said ‘Ah a sniper rifle’d do the trick’ The rest of us scoffed. I’m up on these things and forget JFK, if you want to see a truly audacious assassination, check out the story of Anwar Sadat. They captured it on video. Military parade and the killers bunked in and smuggled live clips. One throws a smoke bomb to mark him and the snipers let it fly. Where is George Bush Jr & Sr and when?

The only way out is assassination.

Vote For Interdependence ~ Freedom USA

Steal Back Your Vote

Economic Racism ~ George Bush Style

What is an economic racist? ~ "One who sells out on principles for economic gain, ie. fascist capitalism, as have all the bitches who work in bush’s criminal political regime" ~ luke 10:14-08

Money is the new god of the global elite. It's simply much easier, more fun and certainly more attention-getting to hack up Powell and Rice for allegedly selling out black interests.
You Get Fucked

Singer Harry Belafonte took to the AM radiowaves on Tuesday morning to slam Secretary of State Colin Powell as a sellout to the black race!
You Get Fucked Too!

links to truth about the race for freedom
"The diversity/inclusion/multicultural crowd wants not only equal rights. They want equal results. But results require hard work, sacrifice and discipline. Either that, or a really good government program." ~ Larry Elde
And You Get Fucked

links to the freedom of truth
Problems cannot be solved at the same level of awareness that created them - Albert Einstein
And You, Get Fucked Too!

Who can stop Bush? What is bush?

Apparently, those with guns are more equal than others?

Zandosis ~ George W Bush Go Straight To Fucking Hell

Zandosis, George W Bush Go Straight To Fucking Hell

Gaybomb Nymphs Or Satyrs

A full evening of aural debauchary. local noise labels NCC, Blossoming Noise, & Sounds From The Pocket will be representing. I have thus generated a poem for the event;

404 Noise ~ a poem for modern times
The Living Jarboe Zandosis Magicicada feed sucka
Navicon Torture Technologies Black Meat
Cenotype Spit+Smudge Harmstriker Mugu Guymen
Subliminator Eiliyas Tree Creature
Self Inflicted

CD track listings
1. Dick Cheney Bleeding To Death On The Streets Of Detroit
2. Paul Wolfowitz boiled alive in his own urine
3. William Kristol raped in prison
4. A menstruating Condoleeza Rice dropped in the amazon river, eaten alive by piranha in 60 seconds
5. Ari Fleischer split right down the middle
6. Colin Powell Uncle Tom
7. Michael Powell choking to death on the shattered glass of my TV screen
8. Donald Rumsfeld buried up to his neck in dogshit with lawnmower on top
9. Richard Perle torn apart by jackals
10. Fuck John Cage
11. William Rehnquist torn apart by six-foot bull sharks
12. Bill Frist kept alive in a persistent vegetative state and broadcast 24 hours a day on his own cable network
13. Bill Frist kept alive in a persistent vegetative state and broadcast 24 hours a day on his own cable network
14. Clarence Thomas on the wrong end of a gay porno
15. Bill O'Reilly's face sanded off, pureed, injected into an enema bag and administered to a willing Rick Santorum
16. John Ashcroft Flattened under the weight of a 5,200 pound replica of the ten commandments
17. Rush Limbaugh sodomized by a 30-pound Cuban cigar
18. Trent Lott asking for directions in Brooklyn [aka fuckin' cracker]
19. Pat Robertson plagued by locusts
20. Tom Delay shoved in a Roach Motel, poisoned, and eaten from the inside out by tarantulas
21. Jack Abramoff scalped
22. Judith Miller cut in two by an improvised explosive device
23. Michael Brown in the Superdome on September 4, 2005
24. Tony Blair Trampled by French Poodles
25. Jerry Falwell meets the children of the corn
26. Anthony Scalia has a hunting accident in the middle of the wilderness, gets savaged by wolves
27. Peggy Noonan forcefed the rotting corpse of Ronald Reagan
28. Karl Rove forced to roam the Earth forever as one of the living dead feeding on raw sewage
29. Scott McLelland wrapped in barbed wire and thrown to the wolves

I think that says it all.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Shut Up and Be Fucked

Shut the Fuck Up
Let all little hypocrites play on the internet to their heart's content
When God (authority) is trying to fuck you up the ass,
block the punt!
or turn the other cheek...
and accept the shit fuck, like the weak fuck you are
Shit on his dick
Shut up and get fucked!

Dennis Leary, Who Is An Asshole

Asshole uncensored Watch Video

Nude Thoughts...
Of course you want to fuck me. Who wouldn’t? Lots of guys want to fuck me. If I fucked all the guys who wanted to fuck me, I wouldn’t have time to eat. Often I look at myself, and I want to fuck me, too. But listen, how can I be sure you REALLY want to fuck me? If you really want to fuck me like you say -- right now at this very moment -- you’d have a hard-on, wouldn’t you? So where is it? Eat your heart out, handsome. I’m very beautiful, I know. But you can’t have me. Life is full of unattainable ideals. I’m your unattainable beauty ideal for today. You ask, why can’t you have me? Good question, simple answer. See that guy over there? That’s my boyfriend. Look, he’s coming over right now. Walking very fast. I think he wants to talk to you. Oh dear. You might be attaining something you didn’t expect. That’s the thing about beauty, prick: it often comes at a price.

‘I really would not want to fuck George W. Bush!’ - Unattainable Clitora (Hoosier Daddy?)

We have no head, on our beer...
no head, no beer, no head, no fear
our heads will roll
at Leary's Gate

Thank you Dennis for being such and asshole!

Leary's Gate