Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sarah Palin, Stop Being a Cunt ~ Women Who Hunt Wolves

Sarah Palin is a fucking ball breaking bitch who deserves to be brought down like the rabid wolf she is.  Women who fuck with the wolves shouldn't throw stones...

She's a bitch in sheep's clothing. This is the cunt that will order the next stealth bomber attack on the middle east. Good luck Obama on taming this witch!

Let Us Compare Cunts ~ Just like this black bitch in white clothes... Palin pales to Condoleeza

From: Brasscheck TV Are you sitting down? According to a recent poll, two-thirds of Republicans said Sarah Palin would be their choice for president in 2012. According to a veteran Republican pollster there is now a "Sarah Palin wing" of the party which he describes as "grassroots, anti-intellectual, small town, and culturally conservative." Not to mention is Palin's dedication to an aggressive form of "christianity" her spiritual leaders call "spiritual warfare." Here's where this gets ominous.  Remember when Sarah Palin had an African preacher - a self-described witchcraft fighter - lay hands on her in her church in Alaska? Today's video shows you what's behind her twat. The biggest evangelistic "christian" church in Nigger-ia has declared that many children are in fact witches from slut faced bitches like Palin. Insane? Yes, but this pronouncement has resulted in thousands of children being beaten, tortured, rejected by their families and villages, and and even murdered. What is the connection between this whacko Christian cult, the African pastor who fights witches and visited Alaska to bless Palin, and Palin's dedication to spiritual warfare? I don't know, but it merits research. Freedom of religion, sure. But freedom FROM religion too. The Founding Fathers were equally interested in both. It shows us even this bitch can sink t the least common demonihater. Don't fuck Palin, she'll rip your balls off! And that's how we grow fearful. All I have now is the shortest clip on this, but it's a start.
Voodoo Scumdogs Demonize Children
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Three Cunts ~ Lest we forget the three disGraces of American politics are Hilary (the clit) Clinton, Cunta Leeza Rice and Sarajevo Palladin, wolf hunter and political punta. The question is whether they lick the balls of men or castrate them? Only praying mantis's know the answer to that holy question. With Anne Coulter as their fairy godmother, the unholy trio would not be complete without the putta of a Clinton... according to Dick Cavern

Here-in Lies Our Differences in Culture

Ekemini Abia is 13. Her father tied her to a tree by her ankles and left her there. She was found, half-starved, over a week later.

Political Voodoo for Rich Bitches ~ How Xena wolf slaughterer can become president of the new MacCarthy era.
It looks like Sarah Palin is desperate enough to re-inject Reverend Wright into presidential politics. But I say let she who is without a crazy preacher cast the first stone. I refer to Pastor Thomas Muthee, the Kenyan witch-hunting minister who anointed Palin against witchcraft and lead the harassment of a Kenyan woman chasing her from her village, thus supposedly freeing the town from evil magic in the name of Jesus. At first it seems like a joking matter (Does Sarah weigh as much as duck?). But African Evangelical preachers leading witch-hunts is no joking matter. It's dead serious. See this December 2007 Observer photo essay on Nigerian child "witches":
Nigerian Child Witches

Twin boys Itohowo and Kufre stand surrounded by angry villagers who believe they are bringing evil to their lives
Voodoo Slutdolls Demonize Children
Some of the 133 children who have sought refuge at the Child Rights and Rehabilitation Network, run by Sam Ikpe-Itauma and helped by the charity Stepping Stones (steppingstonesnigeria.org)