Sunday, May 30, 2010

President In Exile ~ Dishonourable Discharge for Bush Jr.

piece of shite
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Gosch, Mr. Bush Jr. -- this boy is seven times your junior!

While Obama allows homosexuality in the U.S. Army
Police refuse to subpoena "Jeff Gannon's" DNA and refuse to investigate these photographs under orders of the pedophile Bush White House and Florida governor
Hey, Who Kidnapped Johnny Gosch?

Oolong Tea
She is killed and her dying body lies between twin pillars.

Billy Graham’s Son Is Too Black For Barack Obama’s Army ~ "I Want to Fuck George Bush", Was His Comment When Asked How He Felt.

Sharpton is reason alone why Obama and his black racist rascal pals don't belong anywhere near the White House.

George Bush gets the cold shoulder from Rev. Al Sharpton

Sharpton is a supporter of equal rights for gays and lesbians, including same-sex marriage. During his presidential campaign in 2003, Sharpton said he thought it was insulting to be asked to discuss the issue of gay marriage. "It's like asking do I support black marriage or white marriage.... The inference of the question is that gays are not like other human beings." Al Sharpton hears about White House sexual abuse victims... Al Sharpton raises hell over issue with Bush's case, "Politics is abounding, while these self interests men spout off at the mouth." As with Clinton, Bush's night activities are not technically considered sex claiming, "He did not have sex with that victim."

Charlie Don't Surf ! I Love The Smell Of Napalm In The Morning !
Surfing USA

Bush Was In The Army Too! The Naked Truth About George Jr.
On November 2, 2000, four days before the most disputed election in American history, military veterans in the US Senate lashed out at candidate George W Bush for his failure to explain a six-month lapse in his National Guard service. "At the least, I would have been court-martialed. At the least, I would have been placed in prison," Senator Daniel Inouye said. Bush would offer no explanation for his absence and, as he had throughout the campaign, refused to discuss his military service during the Vietnam War. Why would a man who was running for the office of Commander and Chief of the US Armed Forces refuse to discuss his service in the military? A controversy centered on questions of how George W. Bush, who would later become the 43rd President of the United States, came to be a member of the Texas Air National Guard, why he lost his flight status, and whether he fulfilled the requirements of his military service contract during the Vietnam War. On October 5, 2004, more than a week after a court-imposed deadline to turn over all records of Bush's military service, the Texas Air National Guard produced two previously unreleased documents (four pages of records) that include Bush's orders for his last day of active duty in 1973. The forgery allegations subsequently came to the attention of the mainstream media, especially after some experts also questioned the documents' authenticity and lack of chained custody. The original documents have never been submitted for authentication. The man who delivered the copies, Lt. Col. Bill Burkett, a former officer in the Texas Army National Guard, claims that he burned the originals. CBS and Dan Rather initially defended the documents and the report, but on September 20, 2004 - less than two weeks before Election Day, CBS News stated that it had been "misled" and that it could not authenticate the documents and should not have used them. CBS then formed an independent panel headed by former U.S. Attorney General Dick Thornburgh and retired Associated Press president Louis D. Boccardi to investigate the story and the handling of the Killian memos. The final report of the panel, while not addressing the authenticity of the documents, faulted many of the decisions made in developing the story, and producer Mary Mapes along with three others were forced to resign from CBS News. Prior to the panel report being completed, Rather announced the date of his retirement, left "60 Minutes Wednesday", stepped down as anchor on March 9, 2006, and then left CBS altogether on June 20, 2006. The CBS news show that had aired the memos, "60 Minutes Wednesday" was canceled on May 18, 2005, allegedly due to poor ratings and not because of the memos broadcast. In September 2007, Rather sued CBS and its former parent company, Viacom, for US$70 million, claiming that he had been made a "scapegoat" over the memos story.

The March of the Mickey Mouse..

Be careful what you say Mr. Bush or you will grow big ears...

Defending the White House With Black All-lies

Obama will continue to uphold the piece at the White House.

My Very Own Honorable Discharge


REVIEW: Goodbye Uncle Tom

Yes, your balls;
Simply put, directors Gualtiero Jacopetti and Franco Prosperi's unflinchingly foul 1971 faux documentary Goodbye Uncle Tom makes Roots look like a very special episode of Diff'rent Strokes. This salty high-concept exploitation flick chronicles the hideous world of the American slave trade through the eyes of two time traveling journalists who seek to expose the true nature of this truly embarrassing era in United States history. How these unfortunate souls -- be it man, woman, or child -- were bought, sold, whipped, raped, and brutalized is shown in such graphic detail that yours truly was forced to consume this 120-minute endurance test over the course of two days; documented real life misery, it would seem, does not agree with me. Of course, the film does have its share of problems, namely its uncomfortably off-beat sense of humor and its incredibly tacky screwball comedy score. I'm assuming these supposedly mirthful moments were meant to lighten the neverending onslaught of tragedy and despair, but these questionable scenes seem grossly inappropriate when seated next to wanton human depravity. Regardless of these questionable storytelling techniques, Goodbye Uncle Tom is a fascinating film from start to finish, and it's probably closer to the truth than any of us are willing to admit. If you're not affected, you're heartless.

Recipe For Success: The Committment Of Hundreds Of African-American Extras + Great Production Values + White People Are Evil

The Worst Part: One randy journalist's one night stand with a 13 year-old sex slave.

It's like a doody stain on your upper lip.