Sunday, February 3, 2013

Take it Off !!

Take it off take it all off!
Dedicated to the Burka phenomenon..
It may not be the answer to the paper bag, but the Muslim Canadian Congress (MCC) is right when it says wearing the burka "marginalizes women ... and has no place in Canada." link

Burka or bust! Barak or Bust?

Burka blowjob BJ Burka Hijab Jihad Blowjob

Is it necessary to remove the burka while performing
cunnilingus on a male member of Jihad?

Hey! Fuck the Nazi president Burka Obama.

Burka Wars – Burka Dom

Burka Doggy style: Which is more appealing/appalling?
Burka dog Your dog or your wife? . . . doggy style

Burka Obama - the face behind the mask

Infidel !

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